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Usage: asl-useradd [options] USER_NAME

    -o, --ou=OU                      add the user in the organizational unit OU
                                     (relative to the user suffix)
        --[no-]computer-account      is a Windows Workstation
                                     (otherwise, Windows user)
    -u, --uid=UID                    uid
    -g, --gid=GID                    gid
        --groups=GID1,GID2,GID3      supplementary groups (comma separated)
        --[no-]create-group          create a group for the user
    -c, --comment=COMMENT            set the GECOS field for the new user account
    -s, --shell=SHELL                shell
    -G, --given-name=NAME            given name
    -N, --common-name=NAME           common name
    -S, --surname=NAME               surname
    -d, --home-directory=HOME_DIR    home directory
        --home-directory-mode=MODE   permission of home directory
        --[no-]setup-home-directory  setup home directory
    -k, --skel=DIR                   skeleton directory
        --time=TIME                  wait TIME seconds before exiting

For samba accounts:

    -e, --expire-date=DATE           expire date
    -C, --[no-]can-change-password   can change password
    -M, --[no-]must-change-password  must change password
        --samba-home-path=UNC        sambaHomePath
                                     (SMB home share, like '\\PDC\user'
        --samba-home-drive=DRIVE     sambaHomeDrive
                                     (letter associated with home share, like 'H:')
        --samba-logon-script=SCRIPT  sambaLogonScript
                                     (DOS script to execute on login)
        --samba-profile-path=PATH    sambaProfilePath
                                     (profile directory, like '\\PDC\profiles\user')
        --samba-account-flags=FLAGS  sambaAcctFlags
                                     (samba account control bits, like '[NDHTUMWSLXI]')

Common options:

        --config=CONFIG              Specify configuration file
                                     Default configuration files:
    -h, --help                       Show this message
        --version                    Show version


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